Advent – Week 5

So here we are, a few days away from Christmas day. The stress is rising, fatigue deepening, and frustration mounting as we wonder how we will get it all done.

Today, let’s take a deep breath, close our eyes and repeat to ourselves, “I don’t have to do it all.” We can easily get caught up in wanting everything perfect and how it has always been, to be everything to everyone. We are setting ourselves up for failure, though, with unrealistic expectations.

Neither Christmas day nor any other day can be perfect when we are living in a world of brokenness. There will be betrayal, heartache, loss, change, and loneliness intermingled with moments of joy, laughter, companionship and giving but all imperfectly done. Imperfect, sinful people cannot live perfect, sinless lives without a Saviour.

God is a God of forgiveness.

The LORD Christ to live as one of us, not only because God is humble, empathetic and loving but, because He longs for restoration with His children.

God stands with the wrapped gift of His Son in His hands, waiting for us to seek it, admit our guilt and accept it into our hearts. But unless the one who has sinned seeks forgiveness, there can be no reconciliation. Our relationship with our Father remains broken.

Or when someone we care deeply about damages our relationship. We have forgiven them in our hearts, but until they acknowledge what they did wrong and seek forgiveness, there can be no true restoration. The contact is strained and awkward, but once they come and seek forgiveness, the connection is made whole again.

It is like when you own something that gets broken and one part is missing. When you repair it or find a new piece and put it in, there is a click or snap and you feel in your hands it’s the right fit. It moves smoothly because it belongs.

Christmas is not only about God coming to live as one of us, but about the promise of hope for eternal life with Him. The promise of wholeness. The wholeness we have longed for since we took our first breath.

Advent is about rejoicing in the hope of that promise, born on that first Christmas day thousands of years ago. But it was the blood-stained cross that sealed it. And because of that cross, we now have the promise of reconciliation with the Father.

And so, we also rejoice there is a second Advent coming, the return of our King and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

Take heart, dear ones! Whether your Christmas is going smoothly or you feel like the metal ball in a pinball machine, there is reason to rejoice.

Christmas is not about what we have or are getting, not about our futile attempts for perfection, but about our one hope in life, Jesus. The One who was with us and is with us and is coming back for us.

Merry Christmas from me to you. May the grace of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ rest upon you through the holidays..

Be well!


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