Quiet Waters

The wooden deck creaks slightly beneath my deck chair. Reflected trees, sky and clouds shimmer on the smooth surface of the lake. A slight breeze whispers across its surface causing mild ripples that travel languidly to the shore. There is no splash in response, no sound of water lapping, just a visible representation of movement. … Continue reading Quiet Waters


Swirling, Twirling, Blowing cold. Frozen water, Dancing white. Weeping, Waving, Willow tree, Yellow branches, Stand out bright. Drifting, Sculpting, Snowy dunes. Windswept crystals, Resulting flight. Hurrying, Scurrying, Icy veils, Skimming quickly, Fine and light. Turning, Churning, Spinning on, Going left, then Going right. Coming, Going, Falling still, Leaden skies, Turn into night. "There is a … Continue reading Snowfall