In The Dark

My bed it 
the blanket
it warms,
the pillow
is soft
but my head
it swarms.

worn out,
not sure what
to do,
a feeling 
of fear
creeps into
my soul.

The tears start
to flow
as the dark 
closes in.  
I've nowhere 
to turn,
but my Saviour
is there.

I whisper
my plea,
for relief
and help.
His presence
I feel, 
His face close
to mine.

The truth of
His Word
I speak to 
my soul.
I remember
how He
has helped me

He is my
Who lights up
my path
I'll trust once
that He has
my back.

I slowly
drift off
wrapped in love
knowing I 
am His
and that He 
is mine.

He is yours Beloved! Turn, reach out, whisper, cry out; He is there waiting with a love that is inexhaustible and a knowledge that is unfathomable.

Be well!


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