Hand Holder

Sitting on the closed toilet, I watched mesmerized as the two-edged safety razor scratched a path through the foam across his cheek and along his strong jaw. Dipping it into the warm water in the sink and sharply swishing the razor to remove the hair, he began again. The sound of his voice, deeply droning … Continue reading Hand Holder

One Kind Word

It was Christmas Eve, and I was excited our little family was going together to the evening service at church for the first time. After running around, making sure my three young, rambunctious boys were dressed in clean dress shirts and pants, I had taken time to preen myself, putting on makeup, jewelry, and my … Continue reading One Kind Word


The passion of Christ Beyond all compare Love so complete Sweat became blood. Willing to die To stand in my stead Be spat on and struck take my disgrace. My shame for glory Thorns digging in Nailed to a tree And counted as dead. This passion so great It did not end there. Love so … Continue reading Passion


Perspective n. - relation in which parts of subject are viewed by the mind; view. Oxford Illistrated Dictionary The Latin root meaning of perspective is "look through" or "perceive". Perspective can mean different things. In geometry it is the relation of two figures in the same plane, in art it is used to give the … Continue reading Perspective