Chisel and Water

Chip, ugly, chip, hurt

Chip, lazy, chip, remorse

Chip, stupid, chip, pain

Chip, less than, the chisel goes deep.

Chip, loser, chip anger

Chip fat, chip fear

Chip, old, chip forgotten

Chip, unwanted, scarred rock tossed aside.

Drip, God, drip, mercy

Drip, Jesus, drip, love

Drip, Spirit, drip, Truth

Drip, more than, living water smooths.

Drip, hope, drip, life

Drip, welcomed, drip, held

Drip, comfort, drip, strength

Drip, wanted, standing stone of Grace.

Let us not allow the words of this life and world define us. Instead let us listen to the life giving, healing and hope filled words of the living water which flows from Christ our Lord. Listen to it, absorb it, memorize it and let it continue to flow over you until you believe it with every fiber of your being!

Be well!


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