Shields Up!

Out of the pitch black of a hidden chamber, within the large cavern, the bristle-haired spindly legs slowly tapped out unseen by the young couple. The beam from their flashlight could not reach far enough to see the abnormally huge bulbous body that those legs dragged out behind them. As the giant radiation mutated black spider rose over them, the beautiful young woman screamed in terror.

The carpeted floor beneath me and the large furniture showroom disappeared as I sat transfixed in front of the display console television. I am afraid of spiders, so the terror felt very real to my seven-year-old mind. However, from that moment on, I became a dyed-in-the-wool science fiction fan!

I gravitated to movies like the Fly, The Incredible Shrinking Man, Apollo 13 and so on, right up to the newest remake of Dune.

My all-time favourite though began in 1966 with the first airing of the Star Trek series. I would stare at the star-strewn black screen, feel inspired by the introductory music and try to guess what section the spaceship would zoom out. There would be the impulsive, tortured, attractive Captain Kirk, the cynical, compassionate Dr. McCoy (Bones), the miracle worker Captain Scott and of course my favourite, the unemotional, logical Vulcan, first officer Spock.

They travelled through space facing numerous adventures, dilemmas and, social struggles, but inevitably, their spaceship, their home, would come under attack by the baddies.

Kirk would attempt every effort at resolving the situation peaceably, but then would come the moment when they knew their lives were in danger, and Kirk would shout the command, “Shields up!”. The ship would look no different until the incoming torpedo or phaser from the enemy ship would shoot toward it. Then a translucent barrier would be seen surrounding every inch of their vessel. Nothing could penetrate it as long as it was activated and their power supply lasted.

In His Word, the Lord has told us He is our shield, a shield that surrounds us.

“But you are a shield around me, O Lord; you bestow glory on me and lift up my head.”

Psalm 3:3 NIV

We are in good hands, protected, not only in front or behind but all around us. Nothing can get through to harm us, except what God allows; ordains as part of His plan for our life. And unlike human strength, power or ability, God does not fail and does not lack the power or ability, to save us.

His shield is constant, even when we suffer and have struggles. We may feel He has failed, is not strong enough or has deserted us but, the reality is He is still there protecting us by allowing these things.

We cannot comprehend the thoughts or ways of God Almighty because we are not Him. We cannot see the whole plan. Our ability to understand the why of what he allows or does not is limited. The ripple effects that our lives have on other lives are beyond our ability to grasp.

If God took His shield away from us, we would die, be crushed, obliterated, not only in body but soul.

However, we can rest assured that there is nothing we can do to destroy His shield around us once we are one of His children, a believer in His Son Jesus Christ.

“You hem me in-behind and before; you have laid your hand upon me.”

Psalm 139:5 NIV

We do not have to fear radiation mutated spiders, aliens from space, forces of nature, sickness, the economy, or those who hate us or are against us. The Lord is our shield and our defender. He promises to protect us like a mother hen who covers her chicks with her wings. All has to come through Him first! And whatever does come, He is with us in it. Even death has no hold over us because then we will know fully the magnitude of His power to shield us.

Reminding ourselves of this truth in the middle of our struggles gives us the strength to endure and hope for tomorrow. We can do this through;

  • thanksgiving
    • that God trusts you with it
    • for the other blessings in your life
    • for His love and grace
  • prayer
    • pouring our hearts out to God in relationship
  • reading
    • the Bible
    • devotionals
    • books by Christians who have experience or wisdom in the area of your struggle
  • listening
    • to fellow believers
    • podcasts
    • worship music

These tactics are like Captain Kirk”s command. It is a command to ourselves to remember that God has already commanded “Shields Up!” over us.

Sisters, we are so deeply loved!

Be well!


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