Love Letter

Stepping out the door, refreshment immediately washed over my soul. Sun caressed my face; the lilting music of birdsong lifted my spirit, and lush greenness soothed my eyes. Breathing deeply, my shoulders relaxed, my eyes closed, and peace flowed over me as I sat soaking it all in. I smiled.

The love letter of our God is all around us. The blue expanse of the sky, trees that raise their fingered branches in praise and change colour with the seasons. Flowers that are not only beautiful but a delight to smell. Ocean waters crashing, roaring and going on as far as the eye can see or lakes reflecting back from a glassy surface. Massive mountain ranges causing stretched necks, perpetually snow-topped with breath-taking views if climbed. Warm breezes that dance with our hair. Sunlight soaking into our skin. Beautiful intricate snowflakes, each unique in design. Creatures that are fancy, bizarre, cute or frightening. All these show the glory and majesty of God and His love for us in providing it.

We also are creations, and our souls long to be surrounded by other created things of God. A garden was our first home, wildlife our first companions, and that is where our souls feel at rest. Too often, we neglect that part of ourselves. Life gets filled with distractions, timelines, deadlines and the needs of others, and we don’t take time to venture out and rest in what God has provided.

Even living in a city, we can find spots of nature in parks or a quick drive to the outskirts of town. It may require intentionality and a little planning, like everything else in life that matters.

The Lord has gifted us with it, charged us to nurture it, find pleasure in it and see His glory and majesty through it. Neglecting to immerse ourselves in it is detrimental to our lives.

So, let’s remember to take a few moments out of our crazy treadmill day and step outside into our yard, walk to a park or go for a drive in the country and read God’s love letter to us. Breathe it in deeply, devour it with your eyes, smell the aromas, feel the textures on your skin and rejoice in our God who has created all that you see and more. He delights in our delight and loves to bless us with His gifts.

Every good and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shadow due to change. James 1:17 ESV

You are so loved, Sisters! Enjoy the gifts and be thankful!

Be well!


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