The passion of Christ
Beyond all compare
Love so complete
Sweat became blood.

Willing to die
To stand in my stead
Be spat on and struck
take my disgrace.

My shame for glory
Thorns digging in
Nailed to a tree
And counted as dead.

This passion so great
It did not end there.
Love so pure
It rolls away stone.

Death is no match
For the passion of God
His love for me
In a Spirit of fire.

This passion within
Gives joy to my soul
Knowing someday
I'll be home once more.

As we look toward the Easter celebration, let us remember what the cost of this celebration was.

Christ willingly stood, condemned by the Father, in my place and spoke not a word, so that I could have an eternal relationship with Him. This is the greatness of the love of the one true God.

But it didn’t end with the cross. Jesus rose again, physically, so that after this body has run it’s course, I can live on with Him in a new eternal body. This is the promise of Easter Sunday.

So this Easter, take some time to thank God for the greatest sacrifice ever made on your behalf. If you have accepted this gift of eternal life, rejoice! If you haven’t, I would love to answer any questions you have about it or I encourage you to speak to someone you know, who is a believer in Christ.

The promise of spring is new life and so is the promise of Christ!

Be well!


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